Are you an energy hero?
Welcome to our innovative teaching and learning resource designed to improve Numeracy and Science skills through exploration of local data associated with Energy and Climate Change.
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Energy efficiency
We want pupils to understand how they can save energy. For example, leaving appliances on standby accounts for 8% of our bills, costing us £600 million each year! Switching off could save 1 ½ coal power stations of electricity and millions of tonnes of CO2.
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Fuel Poverty Alleviation
Fuel poverty is caused by low household income, poorly insulated homes and the rising cost of fuel. Some families have to choose whether they need food or fuel more. Fuel poverty leads to cold, unhealthy homes. Each pupil receives an energy saving leaflet to take home to their families.
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The Challenges Of CLIMATE Change
We want pupils to understand that 97% of scientists agree it is the fossil fuels humans have burned over the last 200 years, releasing large amounts of Carbon Dioxide into our atmosphere, that is causing our climate to change. Less energy wasted = Less CO2 = lower global temperature rise.
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Our Aims

Our vision is to enable school communities across the UK to become models of Energy Efficiency

To improve data handling and problem solving skills for pupils in Year 5
To encourage a responsible attitude and desire for low carbon living
To help communities across the UK understand the benefits of reducing CO2 emissions
To empower energy users across the UK to reduce their fuel bills

Our Objectives

To provide teachers with quality resources that enable pupils to achieve high standards for data handling and problem solving skills
To provide schools and their communities with a range of activities and resources that empower them to make good choices in relation to energy conservation and low carbon living
To deliver a highly engaging, reusable programme, that enables schools to act as knowledge hubs for Energy and Climate Change
To empower children to become messengers who describe and model behaviours that reduce CO2 emissions and reduce fuel poverty

What is an energy hero?

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