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The team at Energy Heroes are looking forward to travelling to London on Friday 20th January to attend the Community Energy awards at City Hall.

Along with CREW Energy and Community Energy London, we have been nominated for the Youth Energy Award 2022.

Youth Energy Award

The Youth Energy award is to recognise the outstanding work that one individual young person has done to make an impact on a community energy project, or celebrate what a community energy organisation is going to engage young people in the sector. This award has been updated for 2022 to reflect the increasing number of creative, organised and motivated young people that are getting involved in community energy.

Our case study for the awards reads as follows:

Energy Heroes have been shortlisted for their Energy
Heroes programme which is based on the DFE current
maths national curriculum expected learning outcomes. The
basis of the programme is that the learning and activities
provide the nudge for families to engage with energy
matters (bills, meters and energy efficiency). The Energy
Heroes programme has now been delivered to just over
200 schools since their inception in 2016; this translates to
6,600 pupils taught to become energy heroes, 6,600 homes
engaged in energy saving activities and 70,000 pupils
reached through the whole school assemblies and flyers.