Kate Gilmartin

My name is Kate and this is me doing what I love best, studying energy consumption and trying to find ways to reduce energy wastage and save unnecessary CO2 which is adding to the already serious problem of climate change. I have a masters degree in Renewable Energy and would love for us all to switch to cleaner, greener energy sources that will enable us to continue to live our modern lives, but also protect planet earth for our children and future generations.

Vikki Pendry

Hi! My name’s Vikki and I am a freelance education consultant based in York. I was a deputy head teacher for many years before I launched myself into the world of freelance – I have loved both! My work takes me across the UK to help businesses, schools and charities inspire and engage children with rich learning experiences and I also work overseas to support Governments with national curriculum reform and design. I am proud to be associated with ‘Energy Heroes!’ Real, relevant and purposeful learning!


Hello. My name is Sue and I am an artist and climate change educator, with over 25 years Primary School teaching experience. I have specialised in Art & Design, PSHE, Healthy Schools, Outdoor Learning, Critical Thinking and Maths and have recently achieved the UN certificate in Children and Climate Change. I have been teaching for Energy Heroes for 3 years now and I love it, as it combines many of the skills I have developed throughout my career and carries such a vital message for the future of our world.

I really enjoy engaging pupils in exploring energy usage data in our Year 5 Maths lessons and am particularly looking forward to running our new eco clubs, where I will support important action planning in schools, looking at ways to address climate change issues.

Hello! My name is Lizzi and I am the Energy Expert of the program. I’m a former secondary school science teacher and now dedicate my time to teaching people about climate change and what we can do to drive the changes needed to slow global warming and the catastrophic effects it is having on our world. I have been studying the science of climate change and energy for several years and I love to discuss my knowledge with young people and help them to develop into passionate Energy Heroes who are equipped to face the problems that lie before them. I also love being involved in community activism, gardening and growing vegetables, and developing ways to explore world topics and the emotional responses to climate breakdown through creativity.