what now

Have you booked an Energy Heroes visit to your school? Want to know what happens next? Here is a comprehensive explanation of how to prepare for an in-person visit from the team.

If, however, you haven’t booked a visit and your Primary school, or your child’s Primary school, is in North Lincolnshire, Yorkshire or the East Riding, you can book here:

After booking a visit…

After booking, you will receive a confirmation email verifying the date and time of your visit. Any special arrangements, such as adjusting timings for the day or arranging multiple lessons for a 3 or 4 form entry school, will be finalised via email. Our team is highly flexible and committed to accommodating any specific needs within the school community.

Following this, you will receive another email inviting you to participate in an online teacher training session. This session aims to address any concerns regarding the visit plans and familiarise Year 5 teachers with the programme’s expectations and available resources.


Online teacher training session…

During this online session, we will confirm the number of pupils participating in the Maths workshop beforehand to ensure adequate resource provision. Additionally, we request the total number of pupils enrolled in the school, so we can allocate a special energy efficiency advice booklet for each child. You will then be guided through the four stages of the main program, outlining what will be done and how it operates.

The 4 stages

Stage 1 On your marks – The teacher training session

Stage 2 Get set- The Visit : Assembly, Lesson 1, Energy Audit of the School

Stage 3  Energy Heroes are go – The next 5 Maths lessons taught by the Year 5 teacher, or your choice of other EH activities

Stage 4 Energy Extra – Your second visit


The whole school assembly being delivered by Sue Abbott, the Lead Teacher on the Energy Heroes team


Some key points explained in the training session

You will be asked to complete a few tasks prior to the visit.                                 We will send a checklist via email

You will be asked to follow up the lesson we teach on the visit day                    We will provide everything you need

You will be asked to think about the second visit                                                    We will provide a list of options



The pre-visit check list

To facilitate the smooth running of the visit, we ask that the following tasks be completed beforehand. As we understand not all tasks may be feasible, we will strive to accommodate accordingly. When completing the pupil questionnaires we ask that the children are given minimal assistance, excepting support with reading the questions, ensuring that responses remain uninfluenced and provide an accurate reflection of their pre-topic knowledge.

  • Pupil questionnaires completed
  • 4 pupils selected to complete energy audit on the day
  • Year 5 teachers have completed online training
  • Office staff made aware that audit pupils will request billing information
  • Site manager/caretaker requested to be available for time of audit
  • TA or support staff available to accompany audit group
  • Computer or laptop available in hall for assembly
  • Letter home sent and photo permissions returned


To make an enquiry about booking a visit, or for any other questions about the Energy Heroes programme, please email hello@energyheroes.org.uk