New! Energy Heroes Newsletters

Greetings from Energy Heroes!


As we reflect on developments this term, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new series of termly e-newsletters. Through these newsletters, our aim is to keep you updated on our latest news, including the energy efficiency and sustainability measures being undertaken by schools in our network.


Signing up for our newsletter is easy – simply visit our website and click the link provided, or sign up directly by clicking here.


Each term, our newsletter will deliver information, both local and global, on sustainability, climate change and primary education. Our goal is to equip teachers, parents, and the wider community with important facts and insights. Additionally, we’ll provide progress updates on how the Energy Heroes team is advancing our expansion plans.


But that’s not all – our newsletter will also spotlight a Super Hero School each term. This special feature will showcase one of our primary school communities that is leading the way in energy conservation and integrating climate change into their curriculum. By sharing their initiatives, we hope to inspire and empower other schools to follow suit, fostering a community of environmental stewardship and innovation.

If you didn’t catch our first newsletter last term, make sure to explore our termly top picks, including:


UKSSN – UK Student Sustainability Network:

The UKSSN Operations group, a part of the UK Schools Sustainability Network, focuses on uniting school business, finance, and operations leaders. Their aim is to facilitate discussions and foster collaboration in promoting and enhancing climate action and sustainability within schools.


Micro Climate Books:

Micro Climate Books is a niche bookshop that specialises in offering storybooks with environmental, green, and eco-friendly themes. Their collection helps children learn about sustainability and the climate crisis through engaging narratives.

… and finally …

We’re excited about the potential impact of this newsletter and the opportunity it provides to connect, inform, and inspire. Together, we can make a difference in building a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Join us in this journey towards a brighter, greener tomorrow. Sign up for our newsletter today and become a part of the Energy Heroes movement! For further information on the award-winning and innovative Energy Heroes programme, please visit our website. 


Warm regards,

Energy Heroes Team