energy saving

Lizzi Pell, one of our energy expert team members, has recently undertaken an intense course in Energy Advisor Training.

The course covered energy saving methods and other knowledge and skills required to deliver useful advice.

Some of the skills developed were:

  • Recognising building types and understanding how the age and style of a building can give an idea of the structural strengths and weaknesses with regards to energy efficiency 
  • Identifying common key heat loss areas of buildings 
  • How to interpret and advise on EPCs and energy ratings of appliances
  • How to explain and advise on the efficiency of heating systems and how to program them to maximise effectiveness 
  • Knowledge of different methods of insulation, their cost and buildings they are appropriate for
  • Knowledge of the causes of damp and condensation and advising on how to avoid these
  • Identifying appropriate funding opportunities for retrofitting buildings
  • Knowledge of how behaviour changes can lead to a reduction of energy use in buildings

The in-depth knowledge gained will help the Energy Heroes team to assess the opportunities and barriers for schools who are trying to lower their energy use and increase the efficiency of their buildings!