Streethouse poster
This term Energy Heroes has supported some of our  wonderful Primary schools to develop energy efficiency action planning with their Eco Team. As well as our initial visit, where we perform a whole school or KS2 assembly, followed by our Year 5 Maths workshop and energy audit of the school buildings, we have been delighted to be able to offer this additional support. The chosen schools have benefitted through a variety of individually targeted activities such as;
  • Development of effective energy efficiency activist groups from within the school community, including pupils of all ages, governors, teaching and non-teaching staff and parents.
  • Development of detailed action planning in collaboration with pupils and staff
  • Support to plan and prepare dissemination by pupils of energy efficiency advice, including site-specific assemblies
  • Poster-design workshops and competitions
At Energy Heroes we aim to support really effective change, not just a quick visit to share a few ideas. We hope that through our main programme and through these exciting Eco Clubs, we can help Primary schools to support their pupils with the difficult subject of Climate change education, whilst making a real difference to school and home energy usage through a variety of reduction techniques. Our work with these Eco Clubs aims to develop a purposeful and regularly-active working group, who will continue the good work once we have left.