Warmer Ways Workshop November Banner
Our latest online twilight workshop featured a short video about climate change, including UK news reports and national and global responses to the emergency and was followed by a discussion on how these topics are impacting school life.

We demonstrated some examples of how climate content, videos, images and data can inspire lesson planning in Primary Schools and then showed 3 of the Energy Heroes ‘Super Stats’ images. The attending teachers were invited to spend 2 minutes thinking about these concepts, to brainstorm lesson ideas that could come from each one.

We shared the DfE Climate change and sustainability strategy and followed this up with examples of how the Energy Heroes programme can demonstrate and offer support to schools on this journey.

Points of interest:

  • There was a keen interest in the DfE Climate and Sustainability Strategy as leverage for developing more of such content into primary school curriculum planning.
  • The difficulties of teaching Climate Change in Primary schools generally, as well as KS1 specifically, were discussed.
  • The activity designed to promote development of Climate Change teaching ideas, was felt to be very successful.